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Water Softener

Softer skin, cleaner clothes, no more soap scum and save $$$ on soap/detergents.

  • Softer skin, Cleaner Cloths & dishes
  • Save money on detergents, soap & cleaners
  • Advanced High Efficiency Models
    Available longevity of water-using
  • World's most efficient
    (HE models)

Drinking Water Systems

4 Stage Drinking Water System Bottled Water quality right to your home or office.

  • Purified drinking water at your finger tips
  • Use for drinking, cooking, pets, plants & more!
  • Specialized filters
    available for all
    water conditions

Bottle-Free Water Coolers

  • No more heavy bottles
  • No storage issues or empty bottles
  • Low fixed price with all maintenance included
  • Same water as the Culligan
    machines you see at the grocery
    stores, but without having to lug
    bottles around
  • Reverse Osmosis water for the
    highest quality available

Iron / Sulfur

Culligan can effectively remove Iron and Sulfur Problems from your water

  • No more red rust stains
  • Have your water tested by your culligan expert to see if this system is
    right for you
  • Get rid of that rotten egg smell
  • Don't trust an average plumber to
    do a professional job

Lake / Pond

No water problem too big or small for Culligan to solve

  • Any water condition solved
  • Legendary customer service
  • Water the way it should be
  • Call for a free water analysis

UV Light Systems

Chemical free water treatment by your local Culligan Man

  • Kills microorgansims
  • No chemicals or bi-products
  • Does not affect taste of water
  • Simple to install and maintain
Water Softener Benefits

The only way to truly appreciate Culligan soft water is to feel it for yourself. Take advantage of our no pressure soft water demonstration.


Drinking Water Systems

You will absolutely love a Culligan Water Drinking System. There are so many uses for a Culligan Drinking Water System, but don't take our word for it, try it for yourself.
Bottled & Bottle-Free

Now you have two options for bottled water. Bottle-Free Water Coolers and our traditional 5 Gallon Bottled Water. Contact us to learn more.
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