House Plants

House plants do not like chlorine found in your tap water. Chlorine can make your plants leaves turn a pale green and sometimes even yellow. Try using Culligan purified drinking water with a little fertilizer and watch your plants grow to their fullest potential!


Everyone knows that cats and dogs can smell things that we can’t. And if we can smell chlorine in our tap water imagine how it smells to our furry little friends. Cats are prone to bladder infections and dogs can have the same problem too. There is no way chlorine will smell good to our pets and it’s hard to imagine how our pets would not drink more water if the water tasted better and was free from chlorine and chemicals. If you want the best for your pets start with good purified Culligan drinking water.

Ice Cubes

You will be amazed how clear ice cubes are when made with Culligan purified drinking water. What is the point in filling your glass with purified Culligan water only to add tap water ice cubes? A Culligan drinking water system can be hooked right up to your fridge so your fridge is more like a purified water cooler and your ice cubes will be clean and clear. Your guests will be impressed how clear the ice will look and there is no doubt your water will taste so much better.

Babies & Formulas

Everyone knows chlorine can be harsh and tastes bad, but imagine how it feels for someone as sensitive as a new born baby? Formulas made with chemical free Culligan drinking water is the smart choice for your baby. Our customers have told us their babies seem to have less digestive issues with Culligan purified water versus regular tap water.


It would seem silly and wasteful to use bottled water to boil pasta or cook your food. But with a Culligan drinking water system you can do just that and more for just pennies per gallon. A Culligan drinking water system allows you to use clean, chemical free water for just about everything in your house especially all your cooking and food preparation. You will be amazed just how many uses you will find for you Culligan drinking water system.