Do salt-less water systems work?

We have all heard the salt-less water system commercials on TV, talk radio, and just about everywhere. Salt-less system claim to solve all your hard water problems without using salt to soften the water, but what exactly does that mean? I challenge you to find anyone who has one of these electro-magnetic devices and perform a simple water hardness test for yourself. If you were to test the amount of water hardness of your salt-less water system, then perform the same test on your neighbor’s water, I guarantee you will find the water hardness levels are exactly the same. If you read the fine print on the salt-less system brochures you will see that it clearly says they do not remove water hardness. The theory is that these systems change the hard water molecules so that they do not stick to your plumbing. The reason we get water softeners in our homes is to prevent hard water buildup, to keep our dishes and glassware clear, to help with dry skin and to reduce the amount of soap needed. All the benefits I just mentioned are only attainable by removing the dissolved rock (hardness) from our water. Salt-less water systems are not able to do this, and they admit to as much in the fine print. No one wants their dishes to be spotty or glasses to be hazy. The lady of the house will surely not be happy when her hair and skin still feel dry and dull. Personally, as a Culligan man, I’m not too worried about salt-less water systems. However I don’t like seeing people buy something that will not give real world results. When we go out and buy something that costs hundreds of dollars there is a pride factor involved. This sense of pride is inflated when we find a ‘great deal’…like what salt-less system appear to be. After a while, that good feeling wears away when you don’t notice a single bit of difference in your water quality, and the ‘great deal’ turns out to be just another gimmick. No magnet, pipe wrap or anything other than a genuine water softener will give you the results you are looking for. If those gimmicks worked, we would be offering them. After all, we’ve been doing this a long time. Remember the simple facts. Water hardness is due to physical dissolved rock in your water. No magic wand or magnet is going to provide you with any true benefits. You don’t have to just take my word for it. Call any of our competitors or ask any company that does not sell salt-less water systems. You will hear the same story about what they really do, or rather what they don’t do.