Why Culligan instead of very cheap softeners in the stores?

We know there are many choices out there for water softeners and drinking water systems, and understand that when you see a water system in a retail store, it can seem very attractive. If you decide to pick up one of these water systems from a retail store, thinking it will give you 15 or more years of service life, you should probably bring a big truck and buy 4 or 5 of these systems. Check for yourself. Most of these systems have only a 1 year warranty…and in the event that something does go wrong within the warranty period, who is going to come out to service this retail equipment? It’s not as if these retail stores have trained water technicians sitting around ready to fix these systems. We once had a customer tell us that the man installing their retail unit said, “Sir, I don’t fix these systems. I only install them.” That pretty much sums it up right there. Imagine buying a car from a dealership that didn’t have a service department. Well, that is exactly what you are doing when you buy a system from a retail store. Once it needs service, you pretty much have to throw it away. Have you ever tried lifting a dead water softener out from your garage? Once these systems are full of water and salt, it is not uncommon for them to weigh hundreds of pounds. Trying to haul one of these things out of your garage or home is not exactly what most of us would consider a fun weekend project. A water softener system is the mother of all appliances, because it is truly the only appliance that protects all of your water-using appliances and plumbing. A water softener also prevents hard water buildup, while making your hair and skin feel so smooth and your laundry so soft. Fortunately, with Culligan, high quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, because we rent and sell water systems for almost every budget.